Since November 2018, via the Canadian map and social media, our goal has been to give all Canadian FFF youths a voice, connect them directly to their communities, and curate their actions. Canada has over 3,500 towns. We don’t speak for you. You speak for you.  Your voice in your community is more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Register your strikes:  Register at FFF international to get on their map.  For youth seeking to be connected to Canadian climate strikers nationally, go to Climate Strike Canada.

The Canadian Map:  We began tracking Canadian FFF strikers in November 2018 so that all Canadian youths of all ages could have their voices heard.  Between November 29, 2019, and early December 2020, the international Map was wildly inaccurate. We resurrected the Canadian FFF map and tracked actions manually between July and December 2020 so as to have accurate information for Canadian activists, politicians, and media.  In September 2020, we meticulously went through every pin on the international map and sent FFF international a list of concerns. The FFF international map was finally fixed in December 2020 and is now our map again.

Recommendations for your event are:

  • Treat everyone with respect, include everyone, and be non-partisan.
  • Follow all your health unit’s instructions wear masks and wash hands often.
  • COVID-Safe strike ideas: Digital Strike, Zoom Rally, Shoe Strike, Online School Rally, Driveway strike, Safe Distance strike,  Lone strike, Social Bubble strike, Car Rally, Banner Drop, and/or Poster Strike.
  • Most importantly make sure your local politicians and media know that your striking for the climate.
Declaration of Lausanne | August 2019, 400 climate activists from 38 countries
1. Keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels.
2. Ensure climate justice and equity.
3. Listen to the best-united science currently available.


– FFF is a grassroots climate movement, which unites behind the science.
– FFF is founded on facts, not politics, and is non-partisan.
– FFF is committed to solidarity with front-line communities.
– FFF is decentralized and non-hierarchical and mitigates for power.
– FFF welcomes everyone. All are needed.
– FFF does not tolerate discrimination, bullying, or harassment.
– FFF encourages regular, persistent public action.
– FFF builds collaborative partnerships/relationships.
– FFF prioritizes local participation.
– FFF uses awareness and regenerative culture.
– FFF does not blame and shame.