Register to Strike with Greta Thunberg

Please  check the map before you register a strike to see if there are other groups you can join up with in your community.

This is a youth-led movement with youth out front, adults helping, and everyone wanted. It is also a purely grassroots movement with no top down messaging /control or profiting. Greta is the leader. Her words and actions should guide everyone.

Guidelines from FridaysForFuture international:

  1. FridaysForFuture wants you to only strike in a way that you feel safe.
  2. Many FridaysForFuture strikers have a police approval for their strike.
  3. It is common for these approvals to only allow for a quiet, sitting protest.
  4. FridaysForFuture is not able to provide legal support if there are problems.  FFF advises strikers to liaise with local NGOs. These NGOs usually know local lawyers, who are well versed in protest situations.
  5.  We are a peaceful and quiet striking organization, but unfortunately, we have already seen examples in some countries, where some individuals or organizations try to join a strike for the purpose of causing trouble. Please take care, and prioritize safety.

A gentle reminder: please Check the map before you register.

Canada’s Fridays For Future map and registration are synchronized with Fridays For Future International map and registrations. Registration data is “owned” by Fridays For Future international.

Register to Strike with Greta Thunberg