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Youth / Parent / Teacher Guid in English, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

Recommendations for your event are:

  • Youth out front adults behind.
  • Please treat all politicians with respect and admiration for their service.
  • Strike near a city hall, Parliament /Congress, government building, a politician’s office, school or any prominent place in your community.
  • Register your event so that we can show the world that youth are becoming too connected to fail.

There are four chief ways of striking. 

  1. Stay at home on Friday and strike privately.
  2. Strike at school on a Friday. Don’t skip class. Ask teachers and principals to dedicate part of the day to the strike on a Friday to learn or do something about climate change.
  3. Sit outside of a building such as a legislature building, city hall or even a hospital and strike for the climate
  4. Join a Fridays for Future rally on a Friday.

Gentle reminder:  be sure to register your strike regardless of which type of strike you choose to participate in. Numbers empower others to strike and thus, help save the climate.

In social media please use the following hashtags for your event:

  • #FridaysForFuture
  • #ClimateStrike
  • #1point5C

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