Most importantly, register your strikes. We direct all media and the public to the official Fridays For Future map.

Register your strikes

Direct message us on social media to promote your events.

For the September 24, 2021 event:

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Most importantly, start organizing as soon as you can. Social media does not reach most adults. Scarily, most Canadian adults cannot name a single climate policy nor name a greenhouse gas.  Thus, work with mainstream media. You are the story. Ideally, both two weeks and one-to-two days before the event, you send out media releases about the event to all local media. If you can, also do media stunts to get in the news prior to the event to start piquing interest.

Outline For Media Releases

Download our Canadian graphics if you wish:
Our Promo Toolkit zip files include a full banner image, image of Greta, and image of map background. The print banner size is setup for 12’x4′ (wxh). Greta Image credits with permissions to share: Lena Ignestam

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