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Outline For Media Releases

Press Release for May 24

Multi-lingual Guide

Link to Climate Resistance Handbook

Link to FFF International Resource Page

For youth wanting to connect with other youth:

Climate Strike Canada

Recommendations for your event are:

  • Youth out front adults behind.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Strike near important places or buildings in your community.
  • Register your event so that we can show the world that youth are becoming too connected to fail.
  • IMPORTANT – report the number of people who attended your event with Fridays For Future. Greta needs these numbers. The planet needs these numbers. It is never too late to record the numbers of people that attended your Fridays For Future event (s)
  • To determine if your FFF event numbers were recorded go to  “The List” and click on “Show towns”

There are four chief ways of striking: 

  1. Stay at home on Friday and “FFF” privately.
  2. Strike in school on a Friday. Ask teachers and principals to dedicate part of the day to deep your understanding of the climate crisis and dangerous ecological breakdown planet Earth is heading into because of human activity. Be sure explore solutions because this problem is solvable.
  3. Sit outside of an important building in your community.
  4. Join a Fridays for Future rally on a Friday.

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Use the following hashtags:

  • #FridaysForFuture
  • #ClimateStrike
  • Date: #Sept20 #Sept27
  • Location: #Yellowknife, #Halifax
  • These last two hashtags help in curating your event so that a decade from now people will know when and where the event happened.
re: The Canadian Elections Act 
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2) If you are planning to do any boosted posting on social media or run any form of ad online or off, please do not use any of these materials.

Download our graphics:
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