• #EndFossilFuels #FairFastForever

    Fridays For Future Canada

    Global Day of Action: April 19, 2024. Crafting a focused message increases our chances of success. Identify obstacles to a better world. Nationalistic conservatives pose a significant threat.

    Over 85% of GHGs in the last decade came from fossil fuel burning. Despite the IPCC and UNFCCC being over 30 years old, GHG reduction is insufficient. Fossil fuel companies have disseminated disinformation, and is being exploited by politicians. This is jeopardizing our future.

    In Canada, Pierre Poillievre has been rightly called a liar and hate-monger by former PM Kim Campbell. The Premiers of AB, SK and ON are still investing in fossil fuels, and blocking investment in clean energy, while also "stretching truths".

    We need to point fingers at politicians who are blocking progress on the climate crisis in the Canadian Confederation. We can't let history repeat itself.

    Reject Trump and Putin-like rhetoric in Canadian democracy. It's disheartening but unsurprising to witness 1930s propaganda tactics during the climate crisis. Monsters may emerge in times of immense change – a sad reality.




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    Fridays For Future Canada