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    Fridays For Future Canada

    The catastrophic climate scenario that we are living in is the result of centuries of exploitation and oppression through colonialism and capitalism.

    This fossil-fueled and flawed socio-economic model has raised its ugly head in Ontario these past four years. There has been an appalling lack of following the climate science and cooperation with the Doug Ford government, but there is an election in Ontario on June 2, 2022. Thus, there is an opportunity to educate and empower people and politicians to change the system.

    Since taking office almost four years ago, Doug Ford dismantled years of carefully developed climate policies in Ontario, weakened Ontario's GHG targets, reneged on a promise not to build a highway through the Greenbelt, and fired Ontario's Environmental Commissioner. We encourage chapters in Canada's largest province to empower Ontarians to #VoteClimate in Ontario on June 2 the last two Fridays in May. This is what democracy looks like.

    Be sure to register your events so people, politicians, and the mainstream media can find you.

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    Fridays For Future Canada